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MAYfield Gin Month & The Royal Wedding


- Quo Vadis in Soho London are celebrating MAYfield Gin month with Mayfield Gin Martini Hour on Wednesdays from 6pm - 7pm throughout May.

- Living Ventures Bars are celebrating MAYfield Gin month with a special menu insert from the 14th - 25th May.

- The Trading House are running MAYfield Gin month cocktails from the 14th - 25th May in time for The Royal Wedding.

- Gerry's Wine & Whisky famous retail shop are celebrating with an in-store promotion throughout May.


- Charnwood Brewery are brewing a special craft beer to pair with Mayfield Sussex Hop Gin for MAYfield Gin month.

- Bar Dos Hermandos in Leicester are celebrating MAYfield Gin month with a special cocktail menu and Royal Wedding Event.

- Boilermaker in Nottingham are also celebrating with a Mayfield Sussex Hop Gin Royal Wedding Serve throughout May.

- 23 Wine & Whisky have joined in with their Mayfield Sussex Hop Gin window merchandising display and a special discounted Mayfield Gin offer.

- 33 Cank Street are holding a special Mayfield Gin month serve throughout May.

- The Queen of Bradgate too are celebrating the fun with Mayfield Gin serves throughout May.


- Voodoo Café are holding MAYfield Gin month serves throughout May.

- Alvino's are running a MAYfield Gin month drinks special with a Royal Wedding Mayfield Gin serve.

- Popolo are also hosting a drinks menu for MAYfield Gin month and The Royal Wedding.

- Bonbar are running a four drinks MAYfield Gin month martini menu throughout May.

- Box Social brewers are creating a special IPA to pair with Mayfield Sussex Hop Gin for their new Mayfield IPA cocktail. 


- Di Maggio's chains such as Amazon, Barolo, Café Andalux, Cardiz, Atlantic, Anchorline and The Citizen are celebrating with MAYfield Gin month by running a cocktail menu insert throughout May.

- A Royal Wedding screening in the Editors Suite at The Citizen in conjunction with Moet Chandon & Mayfield Sussex Hop Gin (19th May - The Royal Wedding).