Launching at a successful Mayfield Hop Gin trade event at one of Newcastle's leading gin bars, 'Pleased To Meet You', Mayfield Gin showcased some of their latest serves, including The Ubiquitous Sussex Gin & Tonic. Joined by some of the best bartenders of the north, Mayfield Hop Gin was pleased to share the rich history of Mayfield Village, East Sussex in which the dramatic label depicts the story of Saint Dunstan and The Devil, an epic event, in which as the story goes happened in the 10th century in Mayfield. Attendees enjoyed a 'Meet The Distiller' presentation in which the founder, James Rackham talked about the importance of each botanical and how he distilled and created this diabolically delectable gin.

In the evening Mayfield Hop Gin made its way across to 'The Giraffe Lounge' a venue known for its quality craft beer to showcase its latest serves and most importantly the Mayfield IPA Sour. A wonderful creation combining gin and craft beer into a beautiful and refreshing cocktail that will no doubt be a serve for the summer. Attendees enjoyed food and great gin, whilst being educated in the provenance of Mayfield Gin and how it came into existence. 

You can find Mayfield Sussex Hop Gin throughout local retailers in Newcastle upon Tyne, including Fenwicks, with more exciting events and tastings throughout the year. For more information and to stay up to date follow us on our social media channels.